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The following links are to ministries run by members of The First International Church Of The Web. If you're a member with a ministry and you'd like a link posted here, just contact Brother Dave.



Christ Eternal Christian Church
An on-line Free Bible Study with over 150 individualized lessons by Ed Ferner.

365 Life Connections
Shaun Middleton leads this ministry that's devoted to providing Christian life coaching and evangelism.

Spirit of Jesus Ministries
Rev. Robert T. Koehler serves with Spirit of Jesus Ministries.

Loving God Blessings Ministry
Rev. Dr. Carl Wayne Lamkin

Truth Ministries
Rev. Ace Johnson

Graciousness Ministries
Rev. Pamela R. Staver

Walking With The Master
Rev. David Smothers

The Body of Christ Church Online
Rev. Dr. Hoyt W. Noel Jr., B.A.Min, Th.M,D.D.

Chivalric Order for Ordained Ministers of Saint Luke Evangelical Christian Ministries.

Generation Prophecy Ministries
Rev. Dr. Robert W. Kirby

New Life Christian Ministries
Evg. John Stewart, Pastor

Faith International Ministry On-Line
Rev. Joseph Wooden, Pastor

New Life On-Line Ministries
Rev. Brian Goodacre's online ministry.

Tidewater Campmeeting Association
Rev. Barry L. Jenkins' Ministry

Decision Time Ministries
Rev. Alan S. Panek maintains this internet ministry.



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