Knight Of The Order Third Class (Squire)

Knight Of The Order Third Class (Squire) is the entrance level rank of The International Order of the Knights of Saint Luke, and must be achieved before advancing further in our order. The details of this rank are as follows:


Qualification for the Rank: This rank is available to all ordained ministers of Saint Luke Evangelical Christian Ministries (First International Church Of The Web). Applicants must fill out and submit the order form along with the suggested contribution of Thirty dollars.


Duties of this Rank: The duties of this rank involve the personal improvement of the character of the recipient through the voluntary but strongly encouraged adherence to the discipline of this rank.

Discipline of this Rank: The discipline of this rank involves daily Bible study with the aim of self-improvement and building of Christian character. Knights of this rank are encouraged to keep a journal of their daily study following this suggested guide:


1. Daily scheduled Bible study of a biblical passage ranging anywhere from a single verse to a complete chapter.

2. Study should be pursued with an eye toward how each passage relates to the Knight and his/her self-improvement.

3. Journal entries should address the following questions which the Knight should endeavor to answer:
1) How does this passage relate to me?
2) How can I apply this passage to improving my personal character?
3) How can I practice what I've learned in my daily activities so that it reflects on my Christian character?
To help you with keeping your journal you can download a .pdf file of our journal form for this rank here.

Spiritual Weapons of this Rank: The spiritual weapons of this rank are the Shod Foot, which teaches us to always be ready to serve our Lord, and the Sword of the Spirit, which sharpens our minds and fills us with joy, and which are explained in the following Bible verses:

"...And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace;" Ephesians 6:15

"...and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God:" Ephesians 6:17b


Medal of this Rank: The medal of this rank is the Medal of Saint Luke the Evangelist, Third Class, consisting of the coat of arms of Saint Luke Evangelical Christian Ministries, suspended from a ribbon of the colors of our order.  Below the shield is a sword pointing from left to right. The single sword arranged in this manner represents the Knight's entrance into our order, and the introspective nature of the discipline of this rank. No actual medal is awarded, but is represented by the graphic on the Certificate of Knighthood awarded to this rank. The certificate for this rank is 11 x 8 1/2 inches, printed on quality parchment paper with full color graphics, and contains the medal of this rank and the seal of Saint Luke Evangelical Christian Ministries. Knight of the Order, Third Class I.D. CardIn addition to the full-sized certificate, the Knight will also receive a laminated wallet-sized version of the certificate useful for identifying and verifying your rank.


Title Abbreviation: Knights of this rank may use any of the following Title Abbreviations -KStL(3), KStL(S), and KSStL. The proper form to use is:

Your Full Name, KSStL


Applying for this Rank: To apply for this rank simply copy and paste the application form and e-mail it to Brother Dave.

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Name As You Wish It To Appear:




What a wonderful blessing St. Luke has been and is. The International Order of Knights of St. Luke gives focus to Christian study and discipleship. The Knight Squire rank and rule are solid foundations on which to build true Christian character. I feel honored to have received the rank of Knight Squire and desire to grow further with the prestigious IOKStL. Thank you Brother David Ford!
-Rev. William Shane Haire, KSStL.


Thank you for participating in The International Order Of The Knights Of Saint Luke. May your participation in our order be spiritually rewarding and edifying to you. God bless you.








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