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Dollar-A-Day Church Support Ministry



Our church needs your help! The "Dollar-A-Day Church Support Ministry" is a way you can help insure the continued growth and prosperity of our church with your faithful contribution of one dollar a day.


Why It's Necessary:


Saint Luke's has always felt that your tithe belongs to your local church. We continue to sincerely believe that and to encourage our internet members to tithe faithfully to their local churches. However, St. Luke's is very important to our thousands of members and ordained ministers around the world. The printed materials ordered from our Credentials Catalog remain the primary source of fundraising for our church. However, orders vary from week to week, and there's no certainty that fundraising through orders alone will meet all our expenses. Having grown in internet membership rapidly over the past 25 years, our church now has so many members that it should no longer have to rely solely on credential orders to survive. And it's simply not possible for Brother Dave to support his family solely from the donations made for printed materials ordered from our web site. For this reason, we need a few truly committed internet members to step forward and participate in our Dollar-A-Day Church Support Ministry.

How It Works:

As a member of our Dollar-A-Day Church Support Ministry, you pledge to contribute $1 a day to our church for as long as you are able. With your first contribution of thirty dollars (representing your first month's support), you'll receive a full color "Dollar-A-Day Church Support Ministry" Pledge Certificate, printed on fine quality parchment, signed by Brother Dave with an additional space for your own signature, and bearing an embossed gold seal with our church's official seal. After that, you may make your regular contributions either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Your regular contributions will be gratefully acknowledged and your name will be permanently added to our "Dollar-A-Day Church Support Ministry" Members Memorial Page.

How To Participate:


To join and make your initial contribution simply click on the "Donate" button below to make your contribution online through PayPal. Please include a note explaining that your choose to participate in our "Dollar A Day Program". You'll find full address information, etc., on the form. After that, simply continue to contribute regularlyas you'e able




To make your initial contribution to the "Dollar-A-Day Church Support Ministry", please click on the payment button below. Thank you for your support!

Dollar-A-Day Church Support Ministry Initial Contribution



To make your regular ongoing contribution as a member of the "Dollar-A-Day Church Support Ministry", please click on the payment button below. Thank you for your continuing support!

Dollar-A-Day Church Support Ministry Regular Contribution


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