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Prayer warriors are needed among our fellowship. Brother Dave sends out a regular newsletter every few weeks, and shares any prayer requests from the members there. Your participation in receiving and reading our regular newsletter and praying on the needs shared there is a great blessing. If you're a member of the First International Church of the Web (Saint Luke Evangelical Christian Ministries) and haven't been receiving the newsletter, please contact Brother Dave at and let him know you'd like to subscribe. Thanks, and God bless you for participating.


Contributions and Financial Support

As you know, our church doesn't require or request tithes from its members. However, like any other ministry, our church does have expenses. In addition, Brother Dave works full time maintaining and serving this ministry, and depends on your support. One of the best ways to support our church is to order any of the materials available on our Clergy Credentials Catalog Page. Ordering any of the materials available from Saint Luke Evangelical School Of Biblical Studies is another great way to help. Finally, love offerings and contributions are gladly accepted and a great blessing. Even a small contribution will be greatly appreciated and help our church and Brother Dave. If you'd like to contribute, simple click on the "Donate" button below.


You can do so safely and securely by using PayPal, a free service which allows you to send your contribution to our church's e-mail address at . Simply register with the service and specify as the recipient e-mail address. Or, for your convenience, you can click on the donation button below. Your support is a great blessing to our church, and helps insure the continuation of our vital work.



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