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The Tri-Fold Mission Of
The First International Church Of The Web

The mission of our church is tri-fold, with each element being of equal importance to the other. Our mission is evangelization, ministering, and equipping. Each of these elements is addressed below.

1. Evangelization. The First International Church Of The Web is committed to using the internet for world-wide evangelization. It is our belief that the internet represents the single greatest evangelizing tool ever created by mankind. We feel it is our duty as Christians to use this exciting new medium for the glory of God, and to tell the world the Good News that Jesus Christ is Lord.

2. Ministering. As a church, we are committed to ministering to members and visitors to our church. To this end we have numerous interactive elements on our website, including a prayer request message board, two church chat rooms with regular weekly fellowship chat sessions, and our bulletin board for members to engage in threaded discussions. In additon, many of our members are linked together through ICQ instant communicator, and can be reached at any time for ministering and encouragement. It is for this reason the ICQ communication panel is on the front page of our website.

3. Equipping. The First International Church Of The Web is committed to serving as an equipping ministry for Christians around the world. Many hours are spent in finding the highest quality online Christian resources, including online Bibles in many languages, sources of free correspondence and e-mail based Bible lessons as well as other Bible education resources, and tools for Christian websites. Our church is also committed to providing free online legal ordination for those seeking to serve as clergy, free independent church charters for new Christian ministries, and other free clergy resources. As the founding church of The International Alliance Of Web-Based Churches we are also committed to maintaining a united network of online churches joined in their efforts to use the internet to spread the Good News.

The First International Church Of The Web is committed to this tri-fold mission. It is our certain belief that we have been called by Our Lord to start and maintain this ministry, and by serving Him in this way we can best serve the people of the world.

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