How To Join The First International Church Of The Web

The First International Church Of The Web is a Christ-centered, Non-denominational, Web-based church. Membership is available to anyone who has accepted Christ as their Savior. Members will qualify to apply to post on our bulletin board. Members will also have many opportunities to participate in the ministry of the church by participating in prayer rings and online counseling. Members are encouraged to seek ordination. As membership grows, we'll also be appointing deacons and deaconesses. Members are also encouraged to suggest how they may serve the church according to their gifts.

The First International Church Of The Web solicits no tithes from any of its members. Members are requested but not required to post a link to the church on their own personal web pages and e-mail correspondence.

We hope you'll decide to join this dynamic and exciting ministry. If you'd like to join, send your full name, preferred e-mail address, and a brief statement of faith stating that you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior, using the form below. If you're writing us from outside of the United States, please include your country in your request. We're pleased to accept members from all over the world.


The following buttons are available for member use. For more buttons and graphics available to our members, visit our Buttons Page.

Please use the form below to submit your membership request. All information is held strictly confidential and is never given out to anyone for any reason whatsoever.



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Membership and Ordination Application
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