Honorary Doctor Of Divinity Degree

We now offer this degree in the Traditional Format (above) and our New Photo-Personalized Format (scroll down to view)

Saint Luke Evangelical School Of Biblical Studies will award you an honorary Dr. of Divinity degree in recognition of your life experience. This will qualify you to use the title of "Rev.Dr." before your name, or the initials "D.D." after your name. For example: 

Rev.Dr. John A. Smith
Rev. John A. Smith, D.D.

To order you Honorary Doctor of Divinity degree, e-mail your personal testimony or an account of your experiences as a Christian to Brother Dave at stlukeministries@gmail.com.

Your Honorary Doctor of Divinity degree will be awarded to you upon review of your testimony.Dr. of Divinity I.D. Card In addition to your full sized degree, you'll also receive a laminated, wallet sized version of your degree to carry with you. All this for a contribution of only $50!


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Name As You Wish It To Appear:



Name As You Wish It To Appear:



Photo-Personalized Honorary Doctor Of Divinity Degree

The same Dr. of Divinity Degree as above, but personalized with your own "head shot" photo printed directly on the degree. Includes your laminated wallet-sized version (without photo).Dr. of Divinity I.D. Card You will need to e-mail your head shot photo along with your testimony to Brother Dave at stlukeministries@gmail.com. This customized degree is available for a contibution of only $60!


Name As You Wish It To Appear:


Name As You Wish It To Appear:



You can order any of our certificates safely and securely online using PayPal, a free service that lets you send your contribution to our school's e-mail address at stlukeministries@gmail.com. Simply register for their service, then follow the instructions for sending your contribution to stlukeministries@gmail.com . Be sure and E-Mail Rev. David M. Ford that your order has been placed, and follow the instructions above for receiving your degree.



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