Saint Luke Evangelical Christian Ministries

Testimonials From Members And Ministers Who've Ordered Our Certificates


Brother Dave,
I received the field reference booklets in today's mail. They are excellent, very well put together! I have no doubt they will be extremely useful to me in my ministry.
Yours in Christ,
Robert T. Koehler
Minister of the Gospel

I would like to heartily recommend Brother David, Saint Luke Evangelical Christian Ministries, Saint Luke Evangelical School Of Biblical Studies. They have been a true blessing to me and have enabled me to realize a life long dream of starting a Ministry. Brother David has gone above and beyond in being helpful and encouraging me to take this step. I will be forever grateful to him for this. He has shown himself, through decades of dedicated work, to reach out and help any sincere individual to do the same. You simply cannot go wrong in seeking to align yourself with him and his work.
Rev Dr Carl Wayne Lamkin

Dear Pastor Ford
This is Sister Kimberly, I'm sending my testimony to you on being truly Blessed with First International Church of the Web ( Pastor Ford's Ministry is a wealth of informative knowledge about the Word of God. Therefore, I'm grateful for the Certificates of Appreciation, Dollar-A-Day Church Support Ministry Certificates, and other awards I have received from this blessed ministry. So, it gives me great honor and privilege to say I study the courses at Saint Luke Evangelical School of Biblical Studies, and they greatly increase my personal relationship with the Lord. May the Lord continue to Prosper this Ministry in Jesus' Name. Amen!!!
God Bless You,
Sister Kimberly


Dear Rev. Ford,
Greetings, I wanted to leave you with a testimony. The courses that Saint Luke's offers are some of the best courses a student can take. The degrees are beautiful, and professional. Thank you for the attention that I received in my studies at Saint Luke's. I highly recommend Saint Luke's.
God Bless,
Arbry K. Wall Jr.


Dear Rev. Ford,
I just wanted to let you know that I received my certificate of communion, and it is beautiful. I appreciate the work that you do on the certificates, they are by far the most professional looking I have seen. Being I have performed two marriages so far, I wanted to make sure that I had that, should any question arise. Anyway, thank you for all that you do.
May God Bless you,
Rev. Blevins

Dear Rev. Ford,
My documents arrived today and included many of the updated materials needed for my ongoing duties as a Christian Minister. The quality of these documents was excellent. You have always responded in a timely manner to my needs, displaying the dedication of this church to its member clergy. The official certificates and letters with official seals I have gotten from the St. Luke Evangelical Christian Ministries are, in my opinion, without equal. They reflect the commitment and dedication of our calling. Your dedication to the Lord is an ongoing inspiration. All of my Certificates and Degrees have been widely accepted, without question, and allow me to help others in many ways. Again, please allow me to thank you for such dedication to our calling.
Rev. Douglas Bradburry

Dear Rev. Dr. Ford,
I want to thank you for the Master of Theology degree I received today in the mail from St. Luke Evangelical School of Biblical Studies. I believe the program and materials are personally edifying and a tremendous resource for ministry. I should be finished soon with the Ph.D. degree program in Biblical Studies. The courses are definitely a help in studying God's Word. Thank you and God bless you! You may use my testimony in your website.
In His Service,
Rev. Eric Cook & Dr. Marie Cook

Dear Dr. David M. Ford, Glory to our God from whom all blessings flow! I am writing to tell you that I am very pleased and inspired with my credentials. I have received my ID, degree Certificates in chaplaincy and theology, and Ordination package. They really look exquisitely beautiful and professionally nice. And they arrived safely and in just God's timing! AGAIN, I am so blessed and delighted how professional these documents were made. Likewise, it is an honor and pleasure to be affiliated with the Saint Luke Evangelical Christian Ministries. Keep up the good work!
God bless you richly and always,
Rev. E. B. Puno
Bangkok, Thailand

Dear Brother Dave,
As you know, I recently discovered your Bible School and its courses. As we have discussed, I have been an Attorney for a number of years and feel that my ministry is in helping straighten both God's people as well as the world out as to the role of Christianity in American History. I have now completed my Doctor in Theology Degree, Doctor of Evangelism Degree, and been ordained by your organization. I will shortly be submitting my tests and paper for my Ph.D. in Biblical Studies. I will then go forward on trying to teach the truth rather than the lies we see and hear every day about our history.
I feel that your bible courses are valuable for persons seeking a formal degree as well, and probably especially, for those Christians who want to know better how to walk their individual walk with Christ. I find them to be on the level of teaching equal to another more formal Seminary that I took classes from. I think so highly of these teachings that I am reading and taking the tests for my own edification in the areas of study for which I will not be obtaining a degree. They have proven helpful to me so far and are a blessing in their teaching. Your teachings are loyal to God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit. I find nothing wrong or improper in the teachings. I wish you much continued success as you continue to help others to better serve our Savior and God. Please always feel free to call on me if I can be of assistance to you.
Yours in Christ,
G. Randall Williams

Dear Brother Dave,
I would just like to say how very good your products are. Very rarely do certificates and badges live up to their advertisement - yours excel in being a joy to own and display. Since joining the church I have had nothing but help and encouragement, and I hope to be a member for many years to come. Your delivery times and answers to enquiries are second to none. I will continue to support the Church for as long as I am able. Good luck, and may God continue to Bless this and your ministry.
In all Love,
Rev. Terry

Dear Rev. Dr. David Ford,
I have great pleasure to write this testimonial after undertaking the second course with St. Luke Evangelical School of Biblical Studies. The Doctor of Theology degree I successfully completed after the prescribed course of studies with the above School. I found the course content and materials very informative and highly relative to my Ministry as a Chaplain. The course content was an appetite for all, to further our in depth study of Theology and it's other related subjects. Many of the papers expanded upon, definitions and meanings were highlighted, then discussed which promotes participants to study even further the subject matter.
I personally found the study packages a treat to undertake and certainly never boring or a strain. The courses can be undertaken at the participants own pace and there is no reason to rush nor cut corners in their completion. I have enjoyed undertaking this Course and the one's previously undertaken, and rest assured will be applying for another Course in the very near future.
I would highly recommend any individual's wishing to expand their understanding of Theology or their calling within The Lord's Ministry to undertake these courses, which in the long term educates and prepares all for such calling and vocation. No matter what level within Ministry or office we hold it is our responsibility to maintain our study and understanding of The Lord's Word, and go forth into the World and Proclaim the Lord's Gospel.
Yours in the Lord's Service,
Rev. Dr. Canon David Bennett
Wales. UK

Dear Reverend Dave,
I received the ordination credentials and certificates in the mail today. I ordered the discount package #4 which contains the Minister's Oath, Certificate of Ordination, Certificate of Communion, Independent Church Charter, Title Certificate, Certificate of Membership, the honorary Evangelist of the Church, a Clergy parking plaque, wallet sized Ordination identification card and wallet sized Evangelist of the Church identification card. All of which are exceptional in quality and avouchment. I'm very impressed with the professional quality reflected in the design and layout. The color scheme coincides nicely with the Saint Luke Coat of Arms which bare the colors of truth and salvation through the blood of Christ. I'm amazed by the crisp, clean script and beautiful calligraphy which are easily readable. These are definitely suitable for framing and exhibition along side my academic degrees and professional licenses. Overall, I am very pleased and impressed with the quality and design. Moreover, I am impressed with the philosophy and disciplines avowed in the content of the documents. I highly recommend the full package to those who are seriously interested in pursuing ministerial duties, rights and privileges. Again, thanks so much.
In Christ,

Dear Rev. Ford,
Thank you again for the materials you sent me. I must tell you how pleased and impressed I am with everything received from your ministry. I believe the "Minister's Oath" is so beautiful that everyone who has been ordained under your ministry should have a copy of this oath for framing. It is not only beautiful in appearance but also in bringing out the significance and commitment of our calling as Ministers of God.

I have framed all Certificates because they are the most attractive and professional Certificates that I have received in my studies. You offer a great variety of studies which are interesting and informative for our ministry. They have helped me in many ways.

Please let me know if you are offering anything new as I know I can count on your ministry to always be very professional.
God bless you richly,
Rev. Oswald Fetter
New Life International Ministries, Inc.


Greetings Brother Dave,
I've just received my certificates in the mail today and thought I'd drop you a line to tell you they are great. They were worth the short wait and I'm very pleased with the quality and look. Please keep up the good work. I've printed and completed the tests for the Ministry and Chaplaincy courses, and as soon as I get the finances I'll send them in. God bless you and your ministry!
Yours in Christ,
Bro. Jerry D. Wolcott


Dear Brother Dave,
I just finished framing and hanging my St. Luke Evangelical Christian
Ministries ordination certificate.

This beautifully and very professionally printed certificate not only
assures me that I am an ordained minister of God who may legally minister
the sacraments on His behalf; it inspires me to seek the highest ethical and
professional ground possible in that calling and reminds me to humble myself
before Him as both His servant and Gospel messenger.

I have never felt more assured of my calling as I did when I opened the
package containing my credentialing documents and realized I can now
actively follow Christ _wherever_ He leads.

I'm glad that Brother David Ford took both the Christian care and time
necessary to prepare these documents for me. They were well worth waiting a
bit longer to receive.
Richard Summers


Hello Brother Dave, 
I received the Charter certificate. I would appreciate your sending my sincere congratulations to your printer and your self for your choices. The paper is not a cheap paper, the print and colors are concise. It is obvious that some time went into designing and creating these documents. ... They are well worth the small funds you ask for them. Thanks Again.
GOD Bless and Keep you and yours always,
Brother Wayne


Hi Rev. Ford!
I am writing to tell you that I received my ID and Certificate plus my clergy card. I will testify that these are not only officially sufficient but, from a woman's perspective,--they are beautifully made!

I received these wonderful visuals of my Ordination--just in God's timing. I had to show these credentials the next day in order to visit one of my parishioners who was leaving the next day for state prison. The officer would not have let me in had I not been carrying this card you sent. My parishioner would have been crushed, spiritually.

The humorous side of this credentials--comes from a loving Christian sister who shares going to the Jail with me (as part of our prison ministry). She was asked a couple of nights ago for her clergy ID. She had just told me the night before how mine looked official. I told her that it was because my Ordination was official (she is caught in the credential trap--pray for her).

Well, she asked the Officer--why the fuss after 7 years (Satan's little jab) was she now being asked for a card? And anyway what does one look like?

He promptly showed her a copy of mine! LoL

I have been trying to tell her that she is a minister of the Lord who has been working in the Jail Ministry for 7 years and that Jesus and his Apostles did not carry a Masters Degree! (not that I have anything against formal schooling).

She is still leery of our Online Church and your qualifications to qualify me! Ha Ha!
Thanks again! I carry my quality card and am confident to show it anywhere!
You may use all or part of this testimony to your quality work! Well worth $25.00!
Your sister in Christ!
Chaplain Katz


Dear Bro. Dave,
I received the Ordination package that I ordered and I was delighted. It was printed on top quality stock and had a very professional appearance. It looks just fantastic. I can't begin to thank you enough for your courtesy and prompt service. I have no problem ordering other materials from you in the future as I know exactly what I'll receive. Thank you again Bro. Dave, FICOTW, and Saint Luke Evangelical Christian Ministries. You have been wonderful.
In His Service,
Bro. David Shellnut

Dear Brother Dave,
I have received my documents and am very pleased. They arrived safely and unscathed. All of the credentials are very well-designed with a professional presentation. Thank you so much for your personal attention to details - so often my surname is misspelled. I now have the documentation I require to start my ministry in earnest. Thank you so much for these and for your support.
Yours in Christ,
Rev. Donna Andrew

Bro. Dave,
I just wanted to let you know that I received the certificate this week. Simply, thank you very much. I was really amazed how professional these certificates were done...Most of all, I'm really glad to be affiliated with St. Luke's and FICOTW and I know this will be a blessing to be a part of this fellowship of the Body of Christ. Thanks again and God bless.
Rev. J.D. Ray, D.D.

Dear Rev. David M. Ford,
I received the #3 credential package in the mail as ordered. I was very pleased with the quality and look of the certificates, and the promptness and professionalism with which you handled these matters. I now have the credentials to start a ministry with confidence. Thank you, St. Luke Evangelical Christian Ministries, you have been a blessing. Sincerely,
Rev. Eamonn O'Rourke. Time For Christ Ministries

Dear Rev. Ford,
I am so pleased with the St. Luke Evangelical School of Biblical Studies. Not only was I able to do the studies in the time frame best for me, but the information was clear and very ordered. This made the process simple and a blessing to do. I looked forward to my time of study and prayer.
--- Rev. Sharon E. Williams, by His Grace.

Dear Rev. David M. Ford,
I received my materials today(01/06/03). I want to thank you for your response. I felt like the entire process was well done and followed through and you delivered what you promised. Your active participation made the entire process very enjoyable. In a world of paper mill ordinations and bogus "centers of spiritual growth", it is refreshing to find a real man of God interested in promoting harmony and education among the Christian Brethren. Once again, Thank you.
David W. Fournier

Dr. Ford,
Received mail from you today and was delighted, happy and very impressed, Brother. For your honesty in doing what you said you would do, and for carrying that through. Very rare in this day and time. May God continue to bless you and the efforts of the First International Church Of The Web, and all who are associated in one way or another...
Charles L Gross,Rev.

Dear Brother Dave,
This printed material is of excellent quality. I am very pleased with it. God bless,
Daniel Rossouw, Ph.D.

Dear Brother Dave,
I am very pleased with my materials. The certificate is beautifully done and it is a pleasure to be affiliated with St. Luke Evangelical Christian Ministries. God Bless!
-Rev. Dayna Seigel

Dear Brother Dave,
The materials arrived this morning. I must say how pleased I am with the ordination materials given by your Church. They are superb. Colors are fine and go well with each other, clear and easy to read text and as for the paper!!!!!!! Tell me Dave, where did you get it??? I would love a ream of this parchment type for some printing work I am doing!! All in all a really nice package.
-Rev. John T Smith, United Kingdom

Dear Brother Dave,
I found the documents to be excellent and in perfect order. You have always been very fast to respond to my needs as with all members of the online church and your dedication to the clergy of this church is without waiver.
The certificates I have gotten from the St. Luke Evangelical Christian Ministries have been wonderful and very nice in design. They reflect the commitment and dedication one makes towards this calling and they have always been produced in top quality form and layout to the point I would put them up against any degree which I own at this time, and even higher because they come straight from a person who has time and time again shown his dedication to serving the Lord and others.
Brother Dave, you are an awesome gift and many I would guess are blessed by being a part of this great online church and again you have put your heart into these documents and it shows in the workmanship and ideas you put into their layout.
-Rev. Dr. Paul W. Abernathy
Evangelical Christian Ministries

Dear Brother Dave,
Your products are a cut above. Very nice and professionally done. Also, the turn-around time was great. If you remember, I had a special situation and needed some materials fast and you delivered!
Yours in Christ,
-Rev. Diane Milivojevic

Dear Rev. Ford,
I received the Charter Certificate, today!! Thank You so much. It's REALLY BEAUTIFUL!! Thanks Again so much! May God Bless You Richly. I truly appreciate you and your work.
Yours In Christ Jesus,
Rev. Daniel True Rideout

Dear Brother Dave,
I was a minister of St. Luke's for almost a year before I ordered my first set of pastoral materials. Many people will believe you when you tell them that you're a pastor but some still have to see the "membership card" as I call it. I knew that I was a pastor, but the staff at the County Jail (where I wanted to minister) did not know. They had to see proof of my credentials. So, I ordered the All-in-One Ordination Package, which included my Certificate of Ordination and my "membership card". Now if anyone has any question about my Calling or about my status with the Church, I just show them my card or point to my certificate. Also, one of the good things about the All-in-One package is that it comes with a CLERGY parking placard. That enables me to park in Clergy-designated places at the hospital and at the jail.
-Rev. John Daniel Wright

Brother Dave,
Thank you for the beautifully presented credentialing documents. I am thankful for the opportunity to both assist in your ministry and also begin a new one myself. It is an honor and a pleasure to be affiliated with the First International Church of the Web!
In Christ,
-Rev. Dr. Bradford A. Chase

Dear Brother Dave,
I thank you for extending the opportunity to order Pastoral Credentials from Saint Luke Evangelical Christian Ministries. The parchment paper with your church seal and typesetting is beautiful. I ordered Name Title, Church Charter, Certificate of Ordination and Certificate of Communion, to be renewed.
The laminated pastoral identification card fit appropriately in my wallet. You thought of everything by also including a laminated Clergy identification that can be used in a number of situations.
Pastor Ford, I also would like to mention how all the credentials arrived to me in a timely fashion. I have no complaints and I count it all joy. May God continue to Bless you in His service.
-Rev. Rosslyn Marks



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