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Please see complete ordering instructions at bottom of page. Ordering online with your credit card is also possible by using PayPal. Please Note: If ordering via credit card, be sure and E-Mail Brother Dave with particular information you want on your certificates (for example, the items you're ordering, how you want your name to appear, the name of your church if ordering a church charter, your prefered title for the title certificate, etc.). Scroll to bottom of page for full ordering information.

Ordination Package

Our all-in-one Ordination Package includes one of each of the following: A beautiful, full-color Certificate of Ordination printed on high-quality parchment with your name and ordination date; a laminated full-color Clergy ID Card personalized with your name and ordination date; and a laminated full-color Clergy Vehicle ID. These elegant credentials commemorate your decision to enter the ministry. Displayed on your wall, the 8 1/2 x 11 Certificate serves as an authoritative testimony of your commitment to the Faith, a visible statement of your integrity. Carried in your wallet or clipped to your pocket, the Clergy ID Card is a must for recognition outside the church. Use it for hospital visits, door witnessing, street ministry, tract ministry, conventions, rallies, or as a pass to access disaster vistims. Placed on the dashboard of your car, the Clergy Vehicle ID permits you to park in designated Clergy parking spaces at hospitals, prisons, etc.
Ordination Package................. 25 dollars (suggested contribution)

Evangelist of the Church Certificate

One of the best ways you can support our church, the Evangelist of the Church Certificate, entitles the recipient to legally use the title of "Evangelist" before or after their name. For example:
Reverend John A. Doe, Evangelist
Rev.Evangelist John A. Doe

This beautiful 11x8 1/2 certificate is printed on parchment and features the coat of arms of Saint Luke Evangelical Christian Ministries in full color, as well as your name and doctoral date in elegant calligraphy and script.
Evangelist of the Church Certificate.................30 dollars (suggested contribution)

Minister's Oath

Demonstrate your commitment to your duties as a minister with our Minister's Oath. Inspired by the famous Hippocratic oath for physicians, this unique certificate clearly spells out the moral and ethical obligations of the sincere minister. Each certificate has the minister's name included in the text of the oath, and, unique to this certificate, includes a signature block with the minister's name and a place for the minister's signature, in addition to Brother Dave's signature as a witness. This full color certificate is 11x8.5 inches, has the coat of arms and seal of our ministry, and is printed on high quality parchment paper. You'll be proud to display this certificate among your other credentials and demonstrate your sincerity and commitment to the duties and obligation of your vocation as a minister.

Minister's Oath Certificate ............. $25.00

Confirmation Of Communion

Church affiliation requirements are gaining popularity in the U.S. and Canada. Comply with your local and state law requirements with authority. Don't let Christ's work be thwarted by bureaucracy! Your name and chosen title are printed on top quality 11x8 1/2 parchment. Calligraphy and script lettering are used throughout and the document is accented with the full color coat of arms and seal of Saint Luke Evangelical Christian Ministries. To meet with legal requirements, must be renewed every six months.
Confirmation Of Communion................20 dollars (suggested contribution)

Independent Church Charters

The First International Church Of The Web encourages every ordained minister to organize his or her own church. You can start small with a couple of friends and family members in your own living room for prayer, Bible study, or support group, or even start a church on the internet! With prayer, a little effort, and our assistance, your church will grow. This document is printed on top quality 11x8 1/2 parchment and features your name(s), titles, and ministry name, and is issued by Saint Luke Evangelical Christian Ministries. Calligraphy and script lettering are used throughout and the document is accented with the full color coat of arms and seal of Saint Luke Evangelical Christian Ministries.
Church Charter Certificate...............25 dollars (suggested contribution)

Title Certificates

These companion certificates offer you the opportunity to select the ordination title best representative of the type of Christian work in which you are personally involved. By Church authority, Saint Luke Evangelical Christian Ministries grants you the title you select. Choose from: Reverend, Pastor, Evangelist, Minister, Chaplain, Deacon, Elder, Missionary, or other suitable Christian title. Your name and chosen title are printed in calligraphy and script lettering. The 11x8 1/2 parchment is accented with the full color coat of arms and seal of Saint Luke Evangelical Christian Ministries.
Title Certificate.......................... 20 dollars (suggested contribution)

Replacement Clergy Id Card

The Clergy ID Card is a must for recognition outside of the church. You may order a replacement Clergy ID Card only if you have previously ordered the Ordination package. You may also order a replacement ID card when you place your order for the Ordination package.
Replacement ID Cards................. Seven dollars (suggested contribution)

Ordering Information

All checks or money orders must be in U.S. funds only. Make checks or money orders payable to Rev. David M. Ford. Be sure and specify specific items you're ordering, number of items, and specific required information (names, titles, ministry name, etc.). Pleae Note: Orders from outside the United States drawn on banks outside the U.S., please add an extra 20 dollars per order to cover fees charged by our bank for international transactions. Sorry, nothing we can do about that.
Send your order to:
Rev. David M. Ford
4319 Wilson Rd.
Hephzibah, GA 30815

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. International orders, please allow extra time due to extra snail mail time.

You can also order these materials safely and securely online using PayPal, a free service which allows you to send your contribution directly to our church's e-mail address at . Simply register with their service for free then follow their instructions for sending your order to . Be sure and E-mail Rev. David M. Ford with your order's specifics (items you're ordering, how you'd like your name to appear on certificates, church name if ordering a charter, etc.). Your order will be processed right away. Thank you, and God bless you.