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Ordained Minister Rings Information Page

Saint Luke Evangelical Christian Ministries is proud to announce the availability of official rings for our ordained ministers! You can tell a Saint Luke's ordained minister by his or her handshake when they're wearing the official ring of Saint Luke Evangelical Christian Ministries. This beautiful ring, available exclusively through Saint Luke's, is the official ring for our ordained ministers! Rings are available in both mens and ladies styles (mens style shown. Ladies style is identical, only smaller. Ring shown is enlarged to show detail). You have your choice of 14k yellow or white gold, 10k yellow or white gold, or Sterling Silver. The top of the ring reads "Saint Luke Evangelical". On one side of the ring is the word "Ordained", over the Saint Luke's coat of arms. The other side bears your date of ordination over the "Divinity" symbol. See photographs below, enlarged to show detail.

The cross of Our Savior is engraved into the top of the ring (under the stone), and is visible through the stone, for a truly stunning effect. Of course, the lighter color stone, the greater the visibility. All colors of synthetic birthstones are available, but Pearl, Opal, and Indian Turquoise are not available. You can have 3 initials engraved inside the ring at no extra cost, or for an extra fifteen dollars you can have your full name engraved inside the ring.

Additional Information

Consider this before selecting the type of metal you want for your ring:

1) We do not offer rings made from man-made metals. Many companies offer rings made from a man-made metal. This metal is called by various names: Palladium, Seladium, Celestrium, Dynalloy, etc. Most companies do not tell you:
a. Rings made from this metal can NEVER be sized.
b. Many people have allergic reactions to this metal.

2) Sterling Silver will tarnish (turn black) unless it is polished. Sterling Silver rings need to be polished just like silver trays, etc. that you may have in your home. Polishing your ring with silver polish will restore it to its original beauty.

The chemical makeup of some people causes a chemical reaction to silver, leaving a black or green tarnish on the skin. This can be overcome by keeping a layer of clear fingernail polish on the inside of the ring. This puts a barrier between the skin and the silver.

3) Sterling Silver is softer than 10K and 14K gold. It will nick and bend and eventually break if it is subjected to rough treatment. (Rough treatment includes such things as working in the yard, sports, carrying heavy boxes, etc.)

4) There is no difference in the appearance of 10K and 14K gold. However, 10K is a harder substance than 14K. Therefore, the emblems and numbers in 10K will not wear down as quickly as those in 14K.

Policies and Guarantees

We guarantee that every ring will be made to the highest standards of fine jewelry quality. We guarantee that your ring will never be less than the karat quality marked. Our rings are heavy and solid, not hollow (as made by most major companies). For instance, the ring pictured, which is a Man's size 10, is a whopping 15 grams!

If we make a mistake in filling your order, we will be happy to correct it, free of charge. We guarantee that the finger size will be accurate to within one-fourth of the size you order. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOU ORDER THE WRONG SIZE. We recommend you visit a local jewelry shop and determine your ring size for a school ring. Most jewelry store sales people will be happy to assist you in determining your exact size. Be sure and tell them it's for a school ring, as school rings are wider than most rings and a different sizer is used in determining the proper size. You should specify you want the "wider band sizer", as this will give you the accurate ring size for our rings.

As is customary with jewelry manufacturers, we guarantee all stone settings for 30 days. We recommend that no fine jewelry be worn while engaging in sports or physical labor, subjecting your jewelry to abuse.

Delivery Time: Since each ring is custom made, please allow 5-6 weeks for delivery (longer for orders from outside the U.S.).

Ring Prices

Effective August 11, 2009:Orders received after this date must reflect these prices.

Men's Rings
14k Yellow or White Gold......$809.00
10k Yellow or White Gold......$636.00
Sterling Silver......$368.00

Ladies Rings
14k Yellow or White Gold......$517.00
10k Yellow or White Gold......$438.00
Sterling Silver......$329.00

Ordering Information

To order, print and fill out completely the Order Form. If paying by check or money order, full payment must accompany order form. Make checks or money orders payable to "Rev. David M. Ford". (Orders from outside the U.S. need to be paid with International Money Orders payable in U.S. dollars, or use the Credit Card payment option below. Personal checks from outside the U.S. cannot be processed.) Mail your orders to:

Rev. David M. Ford
4263 Randall Rd.
Dearing, GA 30808

Paying By Credit Card

We use the PayPal service for accepting credit card orders. If you wish to pay by credit card, go to PayPal at Use the Order Form to determine your complete cost, then, using PayPal, "e-mail" this amount to

NOTE: If paying by credit card, you still need to complete and mail (or fax) in the completed order form to Rev. David M. Ford at the address above. (If faxing an order form, E-mail Brother Dave to receive a fax phone number.)

If you have any questions, please contact Rev. David M. Ford by e-mail at