Free Virtual ISP Services Page

Welcome to the Free Virtual ISP Services page of The First International Church Of The Web. On this page you will find links to many of the same services you would pay an ISP for, but which are available free of charge through these services. It is our prayer that you will find these services useful in spreading Christ on the internet.

Free Internet Access

Let's face it, we all need a way to get on the internet. With NetZero, you can get on the internet completely free, and it includes e-mail. It's an "ad driven" service, so there will be an ad banner on your screen at all times, but that's the extent of your obligation. Also, you can set up as many seperate connection and e-mail accounts as you'd like. Currently available in the US, and soon to expand to Canada and other countries. Now, every member of your family can have a seperate ISP account and e-mail.

AltaVista Free Internet Access
AltaVista had also thrown their hat into the free internet access ring, and provide a good service. Another ad driven service, it works very well. Only down side is that they don't provide free browser based e-mail at the time of this writing, though they say they're planning on having it soon. Of course, that short-coming can be overcome by simply using a free web-based e-mail account (see further down page). Service has been tested and works well with the GoToWorld browser below, as well as other browsers.

Free Newsgroup Access

I'm not a particularly big fan of newsgroups. I've found even the best of them have some bad elements in them. However, there are some good Christian newsgroups, and if you're using a free internet access provider you'll need a newsgroup provider to access these. provides a good web-based newsgroup access service that's free, and works well. They also provide free web-based e-mail. Overall, a pretty good service, and the price is right.

Free Web Pages, Home Pages, And Start Up Pages

One thing commercial ISP's make a big deal of is that they offer you a free web page, home page, or start up page. The fact is, you can set up any of these at any of the services here. They are all fine services and offer anywhere from 5 Meg on up for your free use. They each have their own terms of use, which you should familiarize yourself with before building any site. For an example of how to use any of these for a start up page, visit the Member's Start Up Page we offer the members of The First International Church Of The Web.

Basic Ministries

Free E-Mail

The Zap Zone Network
Everybody knows about Hotmail, Rocketmail, and other free e-mail services. But with The Zap Zone Network you can offer free e-mail to your website's visitors. You get to name the e-mail service whatever you like, and it's all remotely hosted. For an an example of the service, Click Here.

Juno Free E-Mail
Juno is perhaps one of the most unique services available on the internet today. With Juno, you can access your e-mail without even logging on to the internet. Basically, you download their free e-mail software, then access a free dial-up number whenever you wish to check your e-mail. Perfect if e-mail is your primary internet application.

Free Bulletin Board And Other Remotely Hosted Services

Server.Com offers remotely hosted free bulletin boards, guest books, calendar applications, mailing list applications, and other services.

CGI Resource Index
This should be your first stop when looking for any remotely hosted cgi scripts. A wide selection of services, from many different providers, with both free and fee-based services listed. I've considered this site my "secret weapon" for remotely hosted cgi programs for years. Virtually every cgi application ever run on our main website was located through this site. Highest Recommendation.

Free Chat Rooms

With BeSeen.Com you can add a free remotely hosted chat room to your web site.

ParaChat is a free, quick and easy Java based chat room you can add to your web site.

Free Fax Service

With E-Fax, you receive a free fax phone number. Any fax sent to that number is automatically forwarded to your e-mail, where you can open and read it.

Free Hard Drive Storage Space

Let's face it, you can never have enough storage space on your hard drive. The following two services both offer up to 20 MB virtual hard drive storage space with password protection. Use it to store important documents, back up copies of your web page's html code, graphics for your web ministry, or whatever you want. If you like, you can share files with others by sharing your password. These are especially useful services if you have an older hard drive with limited space, but you may find it useful no matter how much space you have.
Free Drive
Free Drive Space at Advertise4Profit

X-Drive offers 25 Meg of web-based drive space, and there's also a program that allows it to reside in your explorer window and be used like any other drive on your computer. This is the one used by Brother Dave, and is highly recommended. Best of all, our church receives $1 for everyone who signs up for this service through the link above. Hey, it's free, it expands your computer storage space, and signing up earns a buck for our church. Hard to beat that!

Free 1-800 #s & Other Services

Call Wave offers a cheap alternative to a second phone line called the Internet Answering Machine. This free program answers incoming calls on your phone line while you're on the internet, records the caller's message, then plays it for you over your computer's speakers! It works great, and the program and service are free. To use the service, however, you'll need to get a service from your phone company called "Busy Call Forwarding", but that's only a dollar or two a month, depending on your location. Much cheaper than a second phone line. Used by Brother Dave.

U-Reach.Com is a free service which provides free 1-800 numbers, free fax numbers, and other services. They'll send you an e-mail when you receive a call on your 1-800 number, and you can get the message by either calling a toll-free number, or download and listen to the message over your computer. Works great, and they offer a variety of other services as well.

Web Site Promotion

Response Master
I've used this program to promote the Saint Luke Evangelical School of Biblical Studies site for some time now, and have been very pleased with the results. One thing I really like is, rather than having to keep posting links over and over like with most other promotion methods, this one you just set up on your site once, and it keeps working for you. Over time, this program can result in thousands, or even tens of thousands of links actively bringing visitors to your site. Click on the banner below for full details on how it works and how you can participate.

Jesus Is Lord

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