Fundraising and Website Promotion Page

Welcome to the Fundraising and Website Promotion page of The First International Church Of The Web. On this page you will find links to tried and tested programs that have worked for our church, and which are recommended by Brother Dave. It is our prayer that you will find these services useful supporting your ministry and spreading Christ on the internet.

Fundraising for Your Ministry

Opt-In Pays
Opt-In Pays will pay you to read e-mails and visit websites. This program pays monthly, and has no minimum payout, so you actually get paid for your participation right from the start. They also have a great affiliate program that allows you to sign up other participants, and you receive a percentage of their earnings as well. Excellent way for your members to participate in fundraising for your ministry. Your participation in this program also helps support our church, the First International Church Of The Web. Highly recommended. For full details, and to start fundraising now, Click Here.

Web Site Promotion

Advertise on Opt-in-Pays. Opt-in Pays has an excellent website promotion service. You can place your ad in an e-mail sent to Opt-in participants, or post it on their Opt-in links page. Both are very effective, but I recommend the links page. For just five dollars you'll be listed on their page and get hundreds of interested visitors to your site within a few hours. I've never failed to get over a thousand visitors when I've used this service, and that's for only a $5 link. Very highly recommended, but be warned, this service WILL result in a lot of traffic to your site, so be sure you're ready for it. For full details, Click Here.

Let's face it, to get real traffic to your site and make your ministry a successful one, you need to send out e-mails...but the last thing you want to do is spam anybody. The Traffic Toolbox Program let's you submit your ad to 3,000,000 targeted customers through the Safelist-Submitter without fear of spamming. These are "opt-in" members who want to receive your e-mails. You can also have your website displayed on 250,000+ sites through the FFA-Blaster, automatically. It's all done with one easy-to-use program that you can use everyday to promote your site or ministry. I use this program, and it WILL generate traffic for your site. Highly recommended. Just click on the banner above to read more about this program.